Addiction Aftercare in East Brunswick


As a chronic illness, addiction aftercare is an essential component of any successful program. People who do not continue on with this aspect of the recovery process are more likely to fall back into their old harmful ways.


Addiction aftercare is continuing support that follows a specified treatment program. Its goal is to help prevent relapse and provide instruction and encouragement as the person re-enters society.


Many treatment facilities offer addiction aftercare or they may refer the person to an outside resource, such as a 12-step program like AA or NA. The aftercare programs at treatment centers focus on many aspects of living without drugs or alcohol. Recovering addicts continue to work problems that brought on the abuse through participation in support group meetings, as well as through family and individual counseling.


The goal of aftercare is to prevent relapse and to help the person learn how to function in everyday life without the aid of addictive substances. Multiple programs are available to fit the different needs of each patient.


What Aftercare Programs Provide


Each aftercare program is unique; some may schedule special activities where patients can interact with each other, provide support and have fun. Most programs have special meetings at designated times to talk about various aspects of living drug or alcohol-free.


You can find programs that also include the following:


. Development of job skills

. Improvement or development of relationship skills

. Dealing with family dynamics

. Teaching coping mechanisms

. Understanding triggers

. Developing skills to prevent relapse

. Management of stress and negative emotions


The Importance of Aftercare


Aftercare is essential to the recovery from any addiction. It becomes even more important for those who were addicts for an extended length of time. Treatment programs are just one step in the long process of recovery. In fact, the aftercare program that is chosen is often the determining factor for how successful the person will be.


Patients who completed treatment often feel lost and overwhelmed. Without the right support, it becomes easier for them to turn back to the safety of drug use. It is the aftercare program that helps the person adjust to a new life. It gives the addict somewhere to turn for questions or support. Some programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous are lifelong aftercare programs.


Having a supportive environment helps ensure long-term success. These programs consist of regular meetings where the group discusses different issues pertaining to sobriety and other physical or emotional challenged they may be facing. A counselor provides guidance and direction, but other members can also offer valuable insight. The recovering addict never feels alone because he or she is surrounded by others who are going through the same circumstances.


Many of these programs also include alumni who can offer mentorship and support. As the addict stays clean for a longer period of time, he or she may also want to give back. Encouraging others is one way to help yourself stay on track. Just as addiction is not a temporary condition, treatment cannot be temporary either. Aftercare for addiction helps ensure that the person continues to enjoy all that life has to offer without alcohol or drugs.


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