Detox and Sleep East Brunswick

Detox and Sleep

Many addicts have fears about detox. Detox is often a necessary step that must be taken in order for the body to be cleansed from toxins and addictive or harmful chemicals. Individuals who want to quit drugs or alcohol are often required to go through the detox stage of recovery first. This initial step may take a few days to a week. During this period, the addict stops using these addictive substances completely.

Recovering addicts generally experience some level of discomfort throughout detox. The body produces symptoms of withdrawal as it adjusts abruptly to the absence of drugs. Symptoms may vary depending on the type of drug abused and the severity of the addiction. Many addicts are aware of the types of symptoms they may encounter if they have ever run short on these addictive chemicals.

Many addicts are also afraid to make a decision to quite substance abuse due to the lack of sleep some may experience while also undergoing withdrawal. Several drugs can induce insomnia throughout detox. Also, symptoms of withdrawal can be uncomfortable enough to encourage insomnia significantly. In some cases, recovering individuals may get little sleep for about 2 to 3 days. Although this is not a big deal for some, the transition without drugs back to normal bodily function can be exhausting.

Several rehab facilities provide prescribed medications for any sleeping problems that may be encountered throughout the detoxification stage of recovery. Insomnia can be one of the symptoms experienced during withdrawal from alcohol or drug abuse. Individuals recovering from heroin addiction, for instance, when prescribed one of these medications, can lead to a change in the direction of addiction, and lead to another dependency. The goal is for the individual in recovery to stop relying on drugs and live a normal life in which they don't feel the need for mind-altering substances in order to be able function normally.

Lack in sleep can be more intense than muscle pains or other symptoms of withdrawal. Sleep is crucial to the body. Sleep deprivation can cause the mind to become hazy and unstable. Also, the body can develop sick feelings and aches. Some may use sleep in order to escape anxiety, pain or discomfort of any kind; physical or psychological. Insomnia generally occurs in cases in which the addict has been severely dependent on certain types of drugs for too long.

Detoxification can be a rewarding process with the right help of support. For detoxes and options call Drug Treatment Centers East Brunswick at 732-455-1314 and we will help you find detoxes and rehab programs that will best meet your needs.

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