Drug Abuse 101: Ice Drug Effects

What are the Ice drug effects and exactly what Is Ice?

Ice is a street name for the drug methamphetamine, also popularly known as "meth" for short. Methamphetamine is an illegal substance typically found in the form of a white, bitter powder. The drug is often made into a pill or a crystal. Individuals who use meth typically eat the drug or snort the drug. The drug is also commonly mixed with liquids and injected via a needle. Ice drug effects can vary from pleasurable to dangerous, the initial effects are typically highly enjoyable but the after effects can be very dangerous. Common slang names for meth include:

  • Ice
  • Meth
  • Crank
  • Crystal
  • Glass
  • Chalk

Ice Drug Effects

The effects of ice will initially produce a pleasurable euphoric rush. The effects of ice can cause its users to feel on edge, overly excited, angry, and/or afraid. In addition, ice drug effects also can cause its users to have fast thoughts and actions, often making the users feel very hot. Ice can cause an individual's mood to change rapidly, one second they may feel very excited and in the next minute they can become angry and/or violent. Users may also experience feelings of paranoia (e.g. feeling afraid that someone is trying to harm them). The effects of ice can also cause users to feel suicidal.

Dangers of Using Ice

Using ice can be very dangerous and cause users to experience a host of consequences which can negatively impact their health and social life. Dangers associated with an ice addiction include:

  • Overheating
    • Ice tends to make its users body temperatures to rise to dangerous levels. In some instances your body temperature can get so hot that you pass out. Overheating puts ice users at a great risk for death.
  • Crank Bugs
    • Ice will make some users feel as if there are bugs crawling all over and under their skin. This feeling will cause users to scratch a lot, often resulting in sores on the face and arms.
  • Meth Mouth
    • Overtime, repeated use of ice will cause breaking, staining, and rotting of the teeth. Ice users have the tendency to consume sugary beverages, grind their teeth, and experience dry mouth. These symptoms are referred to as "meth mouth"
  • Changes in Appearance
    • Individuals who use meth for an extended period of time will start to experience changes in their appearance. Repeated ice use will start to cause users to kook old. Using meth commonly cause its users to burn a lot of energy and eat poorly, this often results in weight loss and a sickly looking appearance. Ice users also tend to have dull looking skin, a sunken looking mouth and sores all over the body.
  • HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis
    • Ice users are at an increased risk for getting HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, especially if they inject the drug by needle. Sharing needles also increases the risk of getting HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, as well as having unsafe sex. Ice users are commonly so high that they forget to use protection when having sex or not to share needles.
  • Addiction
    • Recreational use of ice puts users at a high risk for developing an ice addiction. The effects of meth use on the brain can cause impaired functioning of the brain and negative changes in both your behaviors and mood. The changes that ice causes in the brain can be irreversible and long lasting if not treated.

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