Medical Detox in East Brunswick

Detoxification is most commonly the first step in any drug abuse or addiction program. The medical detox process is overseen by medical professionals as the withdrawal process can involve numerous unpleasant symptoms that affect your brain and body. Withdrawing from alcohol and opiates can be especially difficult as symptoms like delirium, anxiety and even seizures can occur.

Medical detox is the process through which the body rids itself of addictive substances and the addict begins to regain balance both physically and mentally. Medical detox includes constant medical supervision, and in some cases, the administration of medications to manage or subdue withdrawal symptoms. Paranoia, tremors, sweats and vomiting are all common symptoms of withdrawal, and some sufferers have even displayed violent tendencies.

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Risks of Quitting on Your Own

It's also important to remember that detox can involve complications that end your life. 1% to 6% of those undergoing this process run the risk of dying from physical withdrawal symptoms, and rates of depression or suicidal tendencies increase during this period. At rehab centers, staff is on call at all hours of the day or night to help you cope with these symptoms. Therapy and emergency medical care are available, as well as support groups for people who are undergoing or have undergone the same trial.

Detox can also trigger relapse. The fragile emotional state of someone undergoing withdrawal symptoms can cause them to seek respite in the substance that's killing them, and the physical urges to keep using are powerful. To avoid relapse, you must quit your substance completely. There's no better place to do this than in a medical facility. You will be surrounded by doctors, nurses, mental health professionals and other patients who can provide you with the attention, encouragement and moral support you need to get through this phase of rehab.

A reputable detox and drug treatment center can mean the difference between a failed detox and a clean bill of health. Remember, addiction can be treated; you just need to be committed to changing past, destructive behaviors and begin living a life free of drugs and alcohol. Many of us are not equipped to make the journey alone. There's no shame in seeking help. And if the end result is a better, healthier life for yourself, then that's worth any price you can pay.

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