Relapse Prevention Options in East Brunswick NJ

Individuals who have overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol face the ongoing risk of a relapse. This is described as a gradual return to addiction and compulsive behavior. Relapse prevention is a key component of any long-term rehabilitation plan. Relapse prevention is most effective when individuals can identify the earliest warning signs and symptoms before they regress further into addictive behaviors. Working with a treatment center to formulate a relapse prevention plan can give recovering addicts the tools and support they need to remain drug-free. Call Drug Treatment Centers East Brunswick today (732) 455-1314 to find out more and to get help finding drug treatment centers to choose from.

The Stages

Understanding the three stages of a relapse can help individuals identify when they may need to seek help to in order to prevent a return to drug use.

Emotional relapse is the first stage of the process. During this phase, an individual isn't necessarily thinking about using, but certain behaviors or emotions may be occurring that can lead to drug use. If they aren't identified and addressed early on, these emotions can lead to difficulties controlling obsessive thoughts.

During mental relapse, an individual begins to contemplate and fantasize about using. They may reminisce about people they previously used with, and they may glamorize the past in their mind. The urges to use again get stronger during this stage, and it becomes harder to make the right decisions.

Individuals who don't get a handle on their feelings and urges during these first two phases are likely to use drugs or alcohol again. At this physical stage, it becomes exponentially more difficult to stave off drug abuse or addiction.


Recovering addicts face daunting odds against their continued sobriety. A recent study published in 2014 reports that 80 percent of recovering alcoholics will relapse within the first two years of recovery. However, the rate is only 40 percent among individuals who have stayed sober for two years or more. In order to prevent a one, it's important to identify any obstacles standing in the way of an individual's recovery and examine any underlying emotional issues that could contribute to a possible setback.

At East Brunswick drug and alcohol treatment centers, can help a recovering patients stay on track and avoid the pitfalls that could lead to drug use. Relapse prevention therapy teaches valuable coping skills to help them with situations that could trigger or tempt the to use. These programs help patients identify activities that can fill the time that was previously devoted to alcohol or drug use, as well as teach them how to replace unhealthy habits with better ones. Taking immediate corrective actions and avoiding shame and feelings of failure can keep a one-time lapse from derailing an individual's recovery.

Drug treatment centers also offer support groups designed to prevent relapses. Staying drug-free isn't easy to do alone: The feelings of isolation can trigger emotions that lead to setbacks. Interacting with support group participants who understand recovery's challenges and can offer moral support, helps recovering addicts stay on the path to continued sobriety. Support groups also allow participants to establish positive relationships with people who won't encourage drug or alcohol use.


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